About Us


In early 2006, Pastor Jou Chong Yang and Dr. Timothy Vang met and discussed about the possibility of reaching out to the Hmong people in the Twin Cities with the Gospel through radio. The idea was shared with other Hmong Alliance pastors during their regular meetings. All the pastors agreed that it was no better time than this to launch this kind of evangelism. The broadcast would reach out to the Hmong people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and the biblical principles for a healthy living. They were willing to ask their churches to back up this mission by prayer and financial support. A committee was formed immediately composed of one member from each Hmong Alliance church in the Twin Cities. The name “Neej Tshab Radio” was chosen.

The contact was made with the owners of the Hmong Minnesota Radio and a contract was signed with three weekly programs –Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – from 5pm to 6pm. One church will take turn to produce one program per week with its pastor as the main speaker. The first program was aired on June 6, 2006.


Over the years, some changes have been made. First, the three weekly programs were reduced to two. Second, of those two weekly programs, one was a live talk show, with special guests, interviews, prayers, and questions/answers from the listeners. Third, instead of one church producing one program per week, production of all radio programs was assigned to the Neej Tshab Radio Committee. It has the full rights and authority to ask any pastor/speaker to preach or teach for the programs. But there were two things remained unchanged: every Hmong Alliance church is asked to continue the financial support, and to continue sending a person to sit on the committee. Beginning in 2010, the programs are reduced once again from two weekly programs to only one weekly program, but it would be broadcast in two stations – the Hmong Minnesota Radio, and the AM 1600.

In addition, beginning in 2010, the Committee unanimously agreed to create a website, and upload every program that has been broadcast into the website so that those who miss the program when it is being aired can listen to it later, and those who live overseas can listen to any programs at their convenience. The website has been created and it is in operation.